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Free Ebook | Johannes Vermeer and the intense beauty of daily life


In the free Ebook by Marina Barros Cabral Johannes Vermeer and the intense beauty of daily life, get to know this painter and art negotiator of whom little is known, but who in his work left such a clear signature of technical ardor, composition analysis, meticulousness and pictorial construction.

Johannes Vermeer was born in Delft, where he is believed to have lived all his life until his premature death at age 43, insolvent and depressed.

Johannes Vermeer

He was a meticulous, slow and precise worker. He painted few pictures, of these only 35 canvases attributed to the artist have survived to this day.

His work is part of the Golden Age of Dutch painting, along with Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Judith Leyster, Jacob van Ruisdael, Willem Heda, Jan Steen. The latter with whom Vermeer shared the theme of everyday life, also known as genre painting, but unlike him he did not intend to produce a narrative.

Girl with pearl earring

The work is signed, but not dated, believed to have been produced in 1665 in Delft, The Netherlands. Its dimensions are 44.5 cm high by 39 cm wide, relatively small compared to its international fame. The Girl with a Pearl Earring is a striking painting. It portrays a scene in an indoor environment, a girl in exotic clothes on a dark background. The girl is wearing an extraordinarily large pearl earring and the material and colors of her robes appear to be precious.

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Marina Barros Cabral

Bachelor’s degree of Dramatic arts specialization in costume design at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, teaching certificate of Visual Arts at UNILAGOS. She acted as a bilingual artistic educator in elementary education and  a fashion buyer.

Currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Art History, Heritage and Visual Culture at Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto. Fascinated by Visual Arts, History of Art, philosophy, culture, aesthetics, heritage, curatorship and restoration.

Concentration area Medieval and Renaissance art.

She collaborates with, in the areas of History of Art and Medieval Studies.

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