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Dear colleague, We aim to be a place to share and disseminate projects and ideas. So, if you have developed a course within our work frame, if you have conducted a research project or if you simply want to share an article around the scope of themes we cover, contact us. Welcome to our team!
• After registration, you must send an email to with a short résumé and your project idea. It may be a course, an e-book or an article. • Your idea will be considered and, as soon as possible, we will contact you by email. • The collaboration process begins by defining a set of rules between both parties that, regarding courses and e-books, involves a concession agreement of the contents. • From this point, we begin to work together. The creative process is dynamic and articulated between the author and our editing team. • The final publication will only be effective after final proofreading and approval of both parties.