LESSON 2 – Painting

Analysing Art

« The small closed world of the artwork and its structure, which significantly binds the smallest detail to a higher set, this microcosm, was always an allegory of the meaning and structure of the world and must remain as so in our day.»

– Walter Hess, Documents for the Understanding of Modern Painting


When approaching the concept of beauty relating to aesthetics, the existence of an exchange of information between the work and the viewer is always present and thus we are presented with an exchange of senses and meanings, information that converts the artwork into a material testimony of an historical, social, cultural and / or religious context.


The Human Condition. René Magritte, 1933.



When analysing a work of art, certain elements present in it a re emphasized so that the information contained in it is properly ‘deciphered’. Thus the viewer will understand better the work and what the artist intended to convey.