Our Vision | what we are reaching for

We want to be considered one of the main international cultural related learning hubs and a reference for excellence in our areas of expertise.

With you – we can make it!

Our Mission | how we work

Our mission is to develop and commercialise virtual products in cultural areas, in which people are proud to participate and that manage the worth of knowledge and qualification, simultaneously guaranteeing the sustainability and growth of the company.

Our Values | what moves us


We believe that learning and knowledge seeking in general is an act of individual freedom. This is why we create diverse cultural contents in which one can participate and interact, without depending on professional qualification; and with constant access, anywhere and at any time.


To approach History | Art | Culture is to sink into the field of human creativity. Endless, surprising, diverse… We wish to make that diversity a part of this project. Different themes, diverse geographical origins and way of thinking and doing!


We wish to share more than just transmitting something. We wish to share the work of our authors. But also opinions, ideas and projects from different sources. Cultural interchange is one of our objectives.

 Who we are | what we have done

Our working group is made out of people of different professional areas, from History to Art History, Artistic Technologies to Conservation and Restoration, and Heritage and Museology. United in the desire to create diverse and quality cultural content, and that reaches you in a consistent, simple and enjoyable way.

Our history is made from great experience in the field:

  • Face-to-face training and workshops
  • Conservation and restoration works in historical heritage
  • Development of educational and cultural projects
  • Development of museological projects in its various dimensions
  • Activities in cultural and creative tourism
  • Various publications

The project Online Courses History | Art | Culture

  • Over 2000 participants in less than 2 years
  • Courses in 3 languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English
  • We reach over 30 countries in all continents
  • Over 60% of the colleagues that attend one of our courses, return for another course and become a part of our project